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                    保定道合電氣有限公司座落在享有“中國電谷”之稱的保定市,是集研究、開發、生產和銷售工業電氣自動化產品的高新技術企業,擁有雄厚的技術實力和完備的產品檢測設備,擁有一批高素質的專業人才隊伍,自成立以來,一直堅持“且一貫注重產品質量和信譽,在品質第一,服務至上,科技領先 ”的經營理念,產品技術先進,社會效益良好。




                    Hebei Dao Electric Co.

                    Hebei Dao Electric Co. located in a "China Power Valley," said the Baoding, is a research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises of industrial electrical automation products, with strong technical strength and complete testing equipment with a number of highly qualified professionals, since its inception, has always insisted, "and has always put emphasis on product quality and reputation, quality first, service-oriented, technology-leading" business philosophy, advanced technology products, good social benefits.

                    The inception of the technology export business as a foothold in this, that the community to provide quality products and technical services as their responsibility. Currently in development, management of high-tech products, including sales and engineering of industrial automation and control equipment, installation and commissioning. The main products are complete sets Petersen coil automatic tracking device, a small current grounding line selection device computer system, GZDW series of smart high-frequency switching DC power screen substation wireless temperature measurement system, intelligent language alarm signaling device, computer harmonic elimination device, inverter zero sequence current transformer, DC grounding find, intelligent scheduling simulation screen products such as a rising star.

                    Companies rely on technological innovation has introduced products, companies scientific and rational, user needs and product quality is fully guaranteed to provide satisfactory service and quality products, widely used in electricity, chemicals, petroleum, metallurgy, coal, mining and petrochemical industries.

                    Our goal is to "exact place, the pursuit of perfection."
                    We have the ability to be tailored to customers a variety of special specifications, features zero-sequence current transformer.
                    The company provides a variety of ways of OEM service, welcome home and abroad to discuss cooperation, the cause of prosperity and development.